Hinges, wedges, hangers...


Hinge (corner, "brick"...), wedge, door numbers, mechanical parts...

We produce hinges (corner hinges, cubes), but also a whole range of hobby and household items (wedges, house numbers, loudspeakers …)

Hinge (corner, "brick", etc.)

We supply also different types of hinges (furniture, for electrical cases, etc.) Our hinges are made with steel plugs and screws.

20010corner hingenot finished
20011hinge "K"zinc coated
20012hinge "C"painted
20013hinge "brick" 2dzinc coated
20014hinge "brick" 3dzinc coated
20016hinge 50zinc coated
21016hinge 50 - holespainted

Wedge, door numbers, mechanical parts…

We produce big range of mechanical parts (in table few samples). You can get similar pieces as by machining or classic casting but more faster and more cheap.

30001mechanical partnot finished
30002pinionnot finished
30003furniture partnot finished
30004mechanical partnot finished
30005bushing "T"not finished
30006wedge 1not finished
30007wedge 2not finished
30008wedge 3not finished
30009wedge 4not finished
30010wedge 5not finished
30011wedge "profile" 2not finished
30012wedge "profile" 5not finished
30013wedge "profile" 8not finished
30014mechanical part "L"not finished
30015mechanical part "P"not finished
30016door number "0-9"painted
30017door number II. "0-9"painted