TEKCAST technology is world-leading spin-casting system

Small-scale production from 100 pcs

Zinc alloy ZAMAK ZL 0430

Zinc foundry

On the market of spin-casting system we've worked since 1996.

You can find our satisfied customers all around the Europe.

We can offer long-standing experience in production of different types of parts and items made of zinc alloys. From all types of keys, electrician components, hinges, window and door fittings, house numbers to special promotion items and precision automotive mechanical parts.

We are able to realize complete orders. Including structual drawing, producing of pattern and final processing - grinding, polishing.

In cooperation we provide following surfacing:

  • galvanic coating (nickel, zinc, chromium, cadmium, gold, silver)
  • colouring
  • varnishing - comaxit (ancient copper, ancient brass, etc.)
  • polishing
The most used material:

Zinc alloy ZAMAK
ZL 0430



Profiled keys, dosic keys, furniture keys, keys for electrician…

zinc key production

Mechanical parts

Adapters, tenons, skirtings, inges, pinions, sheaves, paddings…

zinc mechanical parts

Hinge, wedge…

Hinge (corner, "brick", etc.), wedge, door numbers, mechanical parts…

hinge, wedge

Promotion and decorative items

Toys, tags, statues, miniatures etc.… Small production series.

promotion and decorative items

A complete catalog of PDF products to download here