Key production

Keys production

Profiled keys, dosic keys, furniture keys, key for electricians...

Electrician Keys

We produce big range of keys-wrenches for electricians with different finnish. It's possible to make promotion keys with company logo.

20001square key 6 mmzinc coated
20002square key 5 mmzinc coated
20003key "D" 16zinc coated
20004key "D" 18zinc coated
20005triangle keyzinc coated
20006key with "flags" 5zinc coated
20007triangle combination wrenchdohodou
20008square combination wrench 8dohodou
20009universal wrenchzinc coated
20015energo wrenchzinc coated

Profiled keys, dosic keys, furniture keys, etc.

We supply complete line of keys (semiproduct) in different finish. By customer order we can produce any special keys or other tools.

10001profiled key no. 1-50zinc coated
10002dosic key I, II, IIIzinc coated
10003dosic key - longzinc coated
10004profiled key - longzinc coated
10005key (closed) 2zinc coated
10006key (closed) 3zinc coated
10007key (closed) 4zinc coated
10008key (closed) 5zinc coated
10009key (closed) 6zinc coated
10010key (closed) 7zinc coated
10011furniture keyoptional
10012furniture keyoptional
10013furniture keyzinc coated
10014furniture keyzinc coated
10015furniture keyzinc coated
10016furniture keyzinc coated
10017furniture keyzinc coated
10018furniture keyzinc coated
10019furniture keyzinc coated
10020furniture key CZM 1-6zinc coated
10021dosic key 70zinc coated
10022dosic key 45zinc coated
10023profiled historic key II.zinc coated
10024deposit key I.zinc coated
10025deposit key II.zinc coated
10026deposit key PZPzinc coated
10027dosic key 6zinc coated
10028furniture keyzinc coated
10029mailbox keyzinc coated